Are you fed up with throwing away your hard earned money every month on rent? Do you want to put your family into a beautiful place they can call home?

What's stopping you? Credit? Past Issues?

There are different ways to buy a home without needing to qualify through a bank. With a lease option (rent to own) or owner financed home you don’t have to face the immediate scrutiny that lenders will put you through, even if you have what you think are "problems".

Rent To Own

In a lease option (rent to own) scenario, our goal is to get you qualified for a mortgage WHILE you live in the home. The end goal is for you to get a mortgage and start home ownership. This is a good fit for someone who will get into credit repair or just needs a little help to get a mortgage. Usually, we can help you get qualified in 6-10 months, sometimes faster than that. Some of the benefits are:

  • Low option consideration. (From 4% - 5%)
  • Many past credit problems are not a problem.
  • Less qualifying restrictions.
  • Purchase price is agreed upon and locked in ahead of time.
  • The property continues to build equity while you are living in it. That equity is yours when you exercise your option!
  • We offer a home warranty on all properties to cover most repairs such as A/C, water heater, etc.
  • Option fee is fully credited to the cost of the house.
  • Part of your rent payment every month is credited to the purchase price, which can also be used towards closing costs.
  • We work directly with loan officers to assist you in obtaining permanent financing
  • You are able to check out the area and house thoroughly before purchasing the house

Here's How Owner Financing Works:

Owner financing is best for people who couldn't qualify for the rent to own program or just don't want to get a mortgage through a bank at all. This is perfect for business owners who may make way more than the IRS sees on paper, but because of write offs, you can't get a mortgage. This is also a good option if you just went through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or have absolutely no credit at all. Some of the benefits of owner financing are:

  • Your income is your qualification
  • 10% to 20% Down payments (varies by price of home and your income)
  • Become a Homeowner from Day One - No Leasing
  • You Can Pay Home Early and there are no Balloon Payments

Find Me A Home!

One of the unique benefits of working with us is that if we don't have a house for you in our inventory, we can help you find the perfect home that you choose! We are not realtors, we are real estate investors who would actually BUY the house you're looking at and sell it to you with owner financing.

If you are looking at a house that is currently listed, you will need to have 16% - 20% down payment to be able to qualify for us to buy it and sell to you with owner financing.

If the house is NOT listed with a realtor, we can still help and get an even better deal. You will see the house before you buy and will decide if it's a right fit for you.

What's next? All you have to do is call at 210-331-7283 or fill out our application HERE so we can contact you and get you started on finding your future home!